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UPSR AND PT3 ABOLISHED. WHAT'S NEXT? (5 Tips for Teachers) - English

The Ministry of Education Malaysia (MOE) has finalized the decision to abolish the Primary School Assessment Test (UPSR) and Form 3 Assessment (PT3). With this repeal, there are no alternate examinations.

Some the questions that play among teachers are:

"If there is no UPSR & PT3, how can teachers record student performance? What can teachers report to parents about their child's performance in class?

"If we need to record students' daily activities, we have to record it one by one. Then, we have to transfer to digital and make another report, so tiring!"

"My student is only 1A in UPSR, but he always helps teachers and friends in class. His personality is 'the best'! But how do we want to 'appreciate' student like this?"

It is so clear that after this teachers need to assess students as a whole such as academics, personality, co-curriculum, involvement in the classroom, meaning that teachers need to record student activities more often and a lot.

What is the solution? Here are tips and suggestions for the school and teachers:

i. Record student activities using the QR code system for faster submission ii. Use a system that can continue to generate reports automatically (no need to 'key-in' repeatedly) and compatible with APDM & SSDM

iii. Categorize each activity items so that the report is more organized iv. Use the automated certificate system that able to generate activity reports and breakdowns of student characters development (parents will love it!)

v. Make sure the system can work when 'offline' or when the internet is weak.

There are not many systems that able record the student's character and activities in classroom, let alone complete and cheap ones.

One of the best option that schools have is to use the StudentQR system. Schools can register and start using the StudentQR system at

For new schools, each registration will come with 1 month of Unlimited Behavior and a free set of QR Cards for 1 class (QR card, lanyard and card holder). Register now at

See an example of the use of StudentQR by the Judah River Aboriginal School, Carey Island below.

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