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QR Badges - Iron-on Tutorial video

1. Set the iron temperature to medium
2. Iron the shirt's surface  
3. Place the QR sticker on the shirt's pocket
4. Place the tissue paper on the QR sticker
5. Now, place the iron on the tissue paper, press on it for about 8-10 seconds (
Dont' Iron!)
6. Afterwards, lift your iron and tissue paper and wait till it cools down for (
40 secs!)
7. Gently, remove the QR sticker plastic.
8. Finally, put back the tissue paper and press it with the iron for 3 more seconds.
9. You are good to go!

How to monitor Personality using QR Badges

How to monitor the child's personality and activities?

1. Download the PARENT QR POINTS app on Google Play or the App Store

2. In the login section, press the QR icon and scan the child's QR code

3. Parents can see the child's activities in the ACTIVITIES & ATTENDANCE section, including

    personalities that are done at home

4. See the analysis of the child's personality in the ANALYSIS section

5. Reward your child's good behavior in the AWARD POINTS column.

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