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  • Increase excitement to do good behavior

  • Obey to parents’ advice

  • More respect towards parents

  • Better engagement between children and parents

  • Increase discipline at home

Sahsiah derived from the Arabic word meaning behavior. Children will get points after behaving positively such as doing house chores, homework, five-hour prayers, helping parents and more


'Sahsiah From Home' is an initiative from StudentQR Points where parents can reward points when their children do good behavior or completing tasks, directly from home.

Sahsiah From Home

'SAHSIAH FROM HOME' by StudentQR is a continuity school program where teachers can reward points to students in the classroom. Now, parents can also give points to their children at home! More than 2088 schools have participated in this campaign in Malaysia and 13 from different countries. 

Behaving Positively at Home

Children will get points after completing the task and behaving positively at home such as doing house chores, doing homework, five-hour prayers, helping parents and etc. "Sahsiah From Home" allows children and parents to communicate effectively and the learning process at home becomes more exciting. They can also see their activity records and gathered points in the "real-time leaderboard".

Learn how parents can reward their children  from home.

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