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Download Free School Calendar (Takwim 2021)

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Download the School Calendar 2021 in PDF/PowerPoint! : HERE

Our Dear Teachers!

Starting March 2021, schools are now welcoming students back into the classroom and teachers to in-class learning.

Expectedly, in the time teachers spend teaching at home and getting used to PdPR, we now have to go back to in-class learning and teaching. This may cause a noticeable change in their motivation and productivity upon this change. As teachers, we crave motivation and a good way to achieve this is through getting organize with our lesson plans and getting our students motivated as well.

Decorate Your Class Walls with these Fun and Engageable Calendars!

Studies show that when we reach deep within ourselves to get creative, our minds enter a state of flow that boosts our mental state, slowing our heart rate down. In getting creative, we will be immersed in our work that helps focus your mind and control our thoughts. An easy feet towards using creative notes and infographics that is well-loved and used by teachers which can be downloaded online. Based on our recent research on posts shared on a Teacher's Facebook page, 37.5% are shared posts of free template for teachers’ files to print in.

Our Calendars are Designed to:

Get More Organize!

  • Complete Calendar from January to December

  • Public Holidays

  • School Holidays

  • State Holidays

Increase Motivation.

  • List of Good Sahsiah

  • Reward Point Suggestions

  • Students Birthday

  • Student of The Month Feature

Creativity increases motivation. So what are you waiting for? Download our Classroom Calendars in PDF and print them out. Or customize them yourself in PowerPoint.

What better way to keep track of your goals than our established system for improving student behavior, StudentQr. StudentQR is an award-winning system where students can earn points through teachers and parents during classes and have been a major boost of students and teachers motivation during this pandemic. Based on our survey, 98% of parents are happy with this program and they love to continue using the StudentQR Points app at home and school.

Since January 2019, a total of 16,681,064 student's positive behavior has been recorded in the StudentQR Points system. Visit our Webpage to find out more about our system.

Sign up for your school now!

Get The Calendar in PDF/PowerPoint! : HERE

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