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The World's First Aboriginal School to Use QR Code in Classroom

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

One step ahead against all odds, Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Judah, Carey Island from Malaysia is the first aboriginal school in the world to use integrated QR code system to enrich the student's character and positive behaviour in school.

The school was first established in 1956 and the first aboriginal school under the Ministry of Education, Malaysia. There were 130 students with 17 teachers altogether in the school. The village is inhabited by a native of the Mahmeri clan and led by a village leader who is now taken care of by Daiman Bin Peron.

The school's management focusses on the development of student's character and positive behavior. Previously, the teachers need to record the student's performance manually that took almost 4-6 months but now, they can get an instant report on student's performance using AI technology, eliminating the need to transfer from paper to computer.

This report will also be shown to parent in real-time of how the students are performing at school. Parents can monitor their child’s progress in school as well as keeping their behavior in check. This can be done by checking their reading progress or participation in activities as well as punctuality to class. This integrated system is able to generate and scan 1000 student's QR code at one time called StudentQR points and has been used by 45 schools in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Education is important as it is the answer to uplift poverty and improves the quality of life, especially for the marginalized, minority communities such as aboriginal people.

"Normally, aboriginal people were often considered as lagging and lacking in so many ways. Before this, we are using the manual system which took us almost 4-6 months to get results but now we are so glad that StudentQR provides a system that takes only 10 seconds. Besides, the student was also happy and it boosts their motivation to do more positive behaviour. We are happy and wish all the best to StudentQR team!" Ustaz Sharul Azam.

The launching was held on February, 10th 2020 at Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Judah, Klang Selangor. The representatives from the Ministry of Education Malaysia officiated the ceremony witnessed by the district officer of Selangor.

StudentQR Points, the SUPERB, Teraju award winner, had recorded 3.03 million of positive behavior since January 2019 by 15,800 students from 45 schools in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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