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#1  App that can increase Students' motivation. 

Student activities can be recorder much easier and more fun!

Using our QR technology, your daily tasks are made easy in a matter of seconds. Feel motivated to teach than ever!

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Positive Behavior



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"Best alternative for Google Sheet & Form for school! Period."

Long gone is the normal way of manual reporting and submitting from papers to computers to finally reach your school principal. Now, with our automated key-in system, complete students data and get all information recorded and accessible for viewing by all necessary parties. These takes at least a week to a month to complete while StudentQR only takes less than 10 seconds

Advanced QR Code

Increase productivity and motivation with the perfect app for classroom managements. Get all your student records and parent reporting done with One Brilliant System that does it all. 

Offline Submission

Low to none internet connection? Fret not. StudentQR Points app supports offline mode that enables you to save all data and submit them whenever and wherever you get your internet back!

Save time with Multiple QR Scanning

Getting a QR code attendance app for your students is advanced enough. But with StudentQR, you could scan multiple students and submit all with just one tap.

Fully customizable

The Spotlight Feature of our system that puts StudentQR in its own league! Record students behavior fully and effortlessly be it academics, co-curriculums or good behavior. Did we mention fully and effortlessly?

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*97 % increment is based on the average calculation of students & teachers feedbacks/survey from the program.

An award-winning system to increase students’ discipline and motivation while decreasing negative behavior and discipline issues by giving points when the students submit their works early, volunteer in class, speak good English, come to class early, or any good behavior that decided by the school.

How StudentQR Works?

Advanced system incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that proves why it is second to none! Reform manual school works of reporting, certificate creating and student behavior updates and recording.