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#1 Behavior 

assessment &

attendance system for students using QR code

  • Support Offline Mode Submission

  • Scan Multiple QR Code © or Kiosk Mode

  • Fully Customizable Behavior Item

  • Real-time Discipline Monitoring

  • Fast & Complete Attendance System

  • Reduce up to 90% of the teacher's administrative works.

  • Boost 80% Student's Motivation 



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Why Us
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*97 % increment is based on the average calculation of students & teachers feedbacks/survey from the program.

An award-winning system to increase students’ discipline and motivation while decreasing negative behavior and discipline issues by giving points when the students submit their works early, volunteer in class, speak good English, come to class early, or any good behavior that decided by the school.

List of Behavior

Religious School

  • Attendance /
    check-in & check out

  • Responsible

  • Submit Homework 

  • Make Presentation

  • Engaging In Activity

     or create your own!

International School

  • Attentiveness

  • Responsible

  • Passionate

  • Respect

  • Communication

    or create your own!

Government School

  • School Achievement

  • Spirituality

  • Jawatan Pengawas

  •  Public Speaking

  • Nilam

  • Helping Teachers

    or create your own!

Rapid Multiple QR Scanning

StudentQR Points is a system that allows teachers to award merit / marks based on student's positive behavior using QR code on students’ IDs in no time. The overall process will take around 10 seconds to reach parents and project real-time reporting to schools. compare to 4-6 months of the manual process.

Real-Time student Monitoring

Merits that can be given to students include all positive behavior such as helping teachers, coming early to school, participating in communal work, completing homework, praying, and many more. Each school determines its own merits and scores.

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User -Friendly Teacher App

​By using StudentQR Points, teachers are able to automatically take students’ attendance and other activities, eliminating the need to transfer from paper to computer. All reporting will be handled automatically by our Artificial Intelligent (AI) system and save 90% of the teacher's administrative works.

Increase Parent


Parents can monitor their child’s progress and appreciate their good behavior in schools. This can be done by checking their reading progress or participation in activities as well as punctuality to class. 

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Boost Motivation with Leaderboard

A real-time leaderboard will display the student’s rank by their performance by class and groups based on the points they have gained in parent’s app and admin web, which can boost their motivation to do better and compete healthily in schools.

Rapid Reporting with Instant E-certificate

StudentQR acknowledged students for their phenomenal contribution throughout the year in this good behavior StudentQR program. Students will receive e-certificate, which can be generated instantly from the admin web by the schools at the end of the semester.

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Parent Receive Real-time student's monitoring with Push Notification

Push notification will be sent to the parents when the students scan their qr code and received points. Parents will appreciate the real-time notification as they will always aware on the kid's activities in school.  

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Fully Customize


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Scan 10,000 QR Code

at One Time

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Generate 10,000 QR Tag in One Click

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Support Multi