by StudentQR

  • Save 90% of registration time

  • Manage your own visitor's data

  • Create a fully customizable form

  • Centralized students, teachers and visitors  monitoring

  • Support OFFLINE mode of submission

MySekolah Sejahtera by StudentQR is an application used for schools to inhibit COVID-19 transmission. StudentQR is a system using advanced QR Codes to help schools monitor students, teachers, and visitors with efficient, quick, and easy.

In school, students and teachers will enter the same place every day, System like MySejahtera are not suitable for the students as they didn't bring smartphone and school don't have access to the database. StudentQR is a solution to school and also a free app for overseeing the outbreak of the Covid-19.

  • For students, the teacher scans QR Code from students tag using the teacher app.

  • For the visitor, they scan a QR code and redirect to a webform where they can register their data before entering the school.

MySekolah Sejahtera Advantages:

To help the government deal with the COVID-19 outbreak in school.

Help the school to know the condition of students during an outbreak of Covid-19.

Assist the school in monitoring student-specific location while in school.

Help parents to monitor the health condition of their children while in school.

Monitor daily visitors smart, secure, and manageable. 

Save time with Advanced QR Code

1. The school can generate QR codes up to 10,0000 students at one time.

2.  The teacher or safeguard able to scan up to 1000 code QR students at one time, and the school gets the report in just 5 seconds.

3. A fully customizable web form with built-in QR code can be generated instantly to monitor live visitors coming to school.

4.  An important announcement can be sent through the app directly to the teachers and parents. 

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StudentQR is the winner of RM500k grant under SUPERB TERAJU by Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2019.