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Young Tech Fair 2020 More Futuristic with StudentQR

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

StudentQR, the Teraju Superb 2019 award-winning system was used at the Young Tech Fair 2020 programme at Rekascape, Cyberjaya on 31st January 2020. This program has gathered a total of 200 exhibitors and 600 visitors from primary, secondary schools and universities. Each participant was given a QR tag to record their activities and involvement during the program.

Active visitors get rewarded!

Problems that often occur in any exhibition is the lack of visitor involvement in available exhibitions due to time constraints and lack of exposure.

By using StudentQR Points at the Young Tech Fair 2020 program, visitors will be rewarded in the form of points each time they visit and participate in activities provided at the exhibition venue such as colouring contests and workshops. As the participants are more actively join in, they will earn points and the winners of the top leaderboard will be announced from time to time.

“Through the Reward Point method provided by StudentQR, the participants of our Organized Carnival race to visit all the exhibitions provided. Best StudentQR!” Muhammad Fuad Roslizan represented the organizers.

StudentQR Points has recorded 3.03 million positive behaviours since January 2019 by 15800 students from 45 schools in Malaysia and Indonesia. It also aims to expand in Malaysia and globally.

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