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Check-In / Check-Out

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Check-In/Check-Out in StudentQR Points

Growing your PBIS initiative means progressing with your implementation of all three Tiers of the PBIS framework. Many schools utilize Check-In/Check-Out PBIS behavior intervention to support those students in Tier II. With the Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) system for students in PBIS Rewards, you can easily manage and track the CICO progress for those students and eliminate the headaches that come with paper Check-In/Check-Out intervention forms.


Check-In/Check-Out Features and Benefits

  • Completely Digital – No paper involved. Each day the coach will use the StudentQR Points system to check-in a student. Throughout the day, their teachers will check-in the student, and all of the goals and progress are updated in the system in real-time.

  • Configurable Goals – Define a set of schoolwide goals for your CICO efforts and assign them to your students in need of Tier II intervention. Daily goals for a student can be adjusted as they progress back to Tier I.

  • Manage Coaches – Define the CICO coaches your students would start and end their day with when using the Check-In/Check-Out behavior intervention.

  • Easy for Teachers – The student’s teachers can use the PBIS Rewards desktop portal or the Staff App to acknowledge the student’s behavior at the end of each class period.

  • It’s Trackable – Because of the digital implementation, student progress is visible to the teachers at all points throughout the day. This data access makes it super easy to recognize coaching opportunities or a need to intervene.

  • Reporting – Data is available to monitor and track the progress of both the schoolwide usage of CICO and also at a per-student level. The data can be viewed in multiple ways to maximize accessibility.

The Check-In/Check-Out StudentQR Points add-on gives you a clear view of the progress of your positive behavior initiative. Because it’s digital, StudentQR is easier for your staff and students. The data generated will help your positive behavior initiative operate more efficiently, enabling students to progress back.

** The Check-In/Check-Out add-on is INCLUDED in the standard base cost of PBIS Rewards. **

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