How to Start?

Sign up your school at register.studentqr.com

1. Setup school account

  • From Home, go to Profile section at top corner of the page.

  • Update school name and Login/password

  • Upload school logo

2. Create a class

  • From Home, go to Edit Database section box.

  • Select Add a Class/Department

  • Create desired class/department name.

  • You can assign class teacher after you add teachers later.

3. Add students/staffs

  • After created class, go to Manage from the class that you want to add students/staffs

  • Fill in the students name or upload from excel file.

  • Father's and Mother's ID can be used to login from Parent's app.

4. Import data from excel file

  • Import bulk students/teachers list from excel 

  • Assign different column to desired items in the system.

  • Save 90% times to setup your school

5. Add teachers/


  • From behavior section, go to Teachers/supervisor section.

  • Add teachers/supervisor and their details or upload excel file for multiple entries.

  • Use email teacher to login from teacher app. Use 'password' as password and change password within the app

6. Create Behavior Items

  • From behavior section, Add a Behavior.

  • Create your desired behavior such as Daily Attendance, check out, help teachers etc. Refer to our suggestions here.

  • Choose behavior type from Normal type/Attendance/subject attendance & Parent depends on your needs.

7. Generate QR Tag

  • From Home, go to Create QR Tag Section.

  • Choose QR tag design, and from which class/selected users.

  • Download and print yourself.

  • If you want to purchase High Quality QR Tag (waterproof) with beautiful lanyard, contact us here!

From here, teachers can start installing the app from this link. 

8. Transfer Students

  • From Home> Edit Database> Class/departments > Find Class and Go to Manage.

  • Transfer the whole students to a new class

  • Or you can transfer selected students to other class

  • Tips: Transfer whole students who had completed their final year to a new class name "ALUMNI" and make the class as inactive. This will keep their data forever!

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