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Sekolah Hidayah Johor Uses QR Code to Record Positive Behavior of Students

Maybe some of us are used to collecting points when refuelling and shopping and then claiming rewards such as drinking water, vouchers and so on.

Imagine students in school can also claim rewards by collecting points after doing positive behaviours in school. This is the reality at Sekolah Menengah Hidayah Johor Bahru.

Students from Sekolah Hidayah Johor now carry QR tags while at school and can request a 'scan' from the school teacher after doing something good. Among the positive behaviours that can be recorded is Attendance, completing assignments, fasting circumcision, being on time, assisting with hygiene tasks, Qiyamullail, and representing the School. The best students in the ‘leaderboard’ system can claim the monthly rewards given by the School.

The system known as Student QR Points was introduced starting in 2019 and is able to improve students' performance and discipline dramatically because they always compete with other students in 'real time' without having to wait for semester exam results. Students also feel it is worthwhile to do positive things at school because their positive activities and attendance can be accessed by parents every day.

In addition, the school is also able to make a more accurate and fast assessment because it can see the performance and discipline of students in real-time in the admin dashboard system. In fact, the burden of teachers can be reduced because teachers do not have to transfer and arrange information a lot. The Student QR Points system will make arrangements and transfer information automatically and list the best student or class positions in real-time.

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