Install Teacher App

Use the app to scan and submit points from your smartphone. Download app here

1. Install & login to app

  • Install app from Google Play or App Store.

  • Login using email registered by your admin. 

  • Key in password as 'password' and change it within app (setting page).

  • If you forget which email, contact your admin.

  • If you want to reset password, contact us here

2.  3 ways to scan and select students

  • Scan one or multiple QR code from the main scanning page.

  • Select multiple students from list if you want to do bulk submission (eg for one class or for the whole school).

  • Use Kiosk Mode if you want the students to self scan their QR code. Just put your phone/tablet on the table or at the device stand.

3. Choose behaviors

  • After scan or selected students, choose the behavior item that you want to rewards the students.

  • You can select one or multiple behavior at one time.

  • Add remarks to acknowledge students or as additional notes to the parent.

  • For kiosk mode, select item first before start scanning

4. Submit during offline

  • If you have slow internet connection or no internet at all, put your phone in flight mode or disable data.

  • The submission will be saved in your device first.

  • When your connection is stable, restart the app.

  • A window popup will appear to ask you to submit pending data. Click yes.

5. Check your submitted 


  • Go to history at the top right from main screen.

  • Check all of your submitted data and go to filter to sort by dates or behavior.

  • Search students name from the search bar.

  • Modify or delete submitted data as easy as pie!

Want to do more? Learn how to use teacher portal here

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